Our Investment Policy


In plain English, we donít like to lose money. We encourage clients to take the most conservative route to their goals. Our investment recommendations are not sexy or exciting, but they are intended to work for the clientís long-term goals.

We believe in the weak form of the Efficient Market Hypothesis. We donít engage in market timing or classical technical analysis. We use appropriate mathematical measures of risk and return. The standard deviation is our primary measure of risk and we use the Sharpe Ratio for risk adjusted returns.

Duration is more important to us than maturity when measuring a bondís exposure to interest rate risks. We believe a tactical asset allocation is the most important determinant for long-term portfolio performance.





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Three Simple Financial Maxims

Spend a little, Save a little, and Give a little.

Spend a little – live within your means. My old boss, Jack Norris, use to say “It is not the high cost of living that is a problem but the cost of living high”. Track where you spend your money. There are several programs available out there for free to help track your expenses. Part of a comprehensive financial plan is developing a household budget. Contact us for help and advice.

Save a little – pay yourself first is the best way to accomplish long-term savings. Have a systematic way of saving either through a payroll deduction or an automatic sweep from your bank account. Just saving $1 or two for every 10 dollars you make will change your life. Again, contact us and we will help you set up a long-term savings program.

Give a little – to those you love or the causes you love. When you give others your time, talents, and treasure you feel better. Make giving automatic just as you would savings. Most churches and charitable organizations will set up automatic giving through your bank account or charge cards. Strategies for giving can be an important part of retirement planning and estate planning. Talk to us about how this might be of benefit to you and your favorite organization.

Spend a little, Save a little, and Give a little..

Wes Shannon, CFP®



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