“My expenses don’t go up because a client’s accounts have added another zero to the balance. That’s why my fee is fixed no matter how high their accounts grow.”

Wes Shannon, Investopedia

Our Costs

What does Financial Planning Cost?

SJK Financial Planning is a FEE ONLY planning firm. We do not accept commissions or kickbacks from investments and financial firms. We work for you, the client, and the only person who pays us is, you the client. We keep our fees transparent and low. SJK Financial Planning maintains low overhead and we constantly keep our expenses low so that we can pass on to our clients a fee structure less than most of our competitors.

The first consultation is always free, so we may determine if we can be of any benefit to the client.

For business owners a comprehensive financial plan is $2,750.00. This will include a personal plan, business valuation, business planning and one year of consultations.

A comprehensive financial plan for individuals is $1,650.00. This also includes one year of consultations. After the first year you are billed the current hourly rate ($200/hour) for consultation time. If a financial planning client transfers $200,000 or more of assets to manage within 90 days after the delivery of their financial plan. The cost for their plan will be credited towards the investment advisory fees

What does Investment Advisory Services Cost?

For those households with less than $696,000.  

The fee for investment advisory services is a percentage of the amount of money we manage for a household.

Here is the current annual fee schedule:

We charge $8,000 per year for managing a household’s accounts that total more than $696,000.

If it is $1 million or $10 million, we charge the same amount. Our expenses are mostly fixed, and they do not increase because a client adds another zero to their investment balance. For those households with less than $696,000 we charge the following progressive fee schedule.

$500,001 ‐ $696,000 the fee is 1.15%

$250,001 ‐ $500,000 the fee is 1.20%

$100,001 ‐ $250,000 the fee is 1.25%

$75,001 ‐ $100,000 the fee is 1.30%

$50,001 ‐ $75,000 the fee is 1.35%

$25,001 ‐ $50,000 1.40%

$10,001 ‐ $25,000 1.45%

$1,000 ‐ $10,000 1.50%

Fees are deducted directly from the client’s accounts.

Pension Consulting Fees

For setting up and providing investment advisory services to the plan and to the individual employees:

Plan Assets of:

$0 to $1,000,000 – 0.65%

$1,000,001 to $2,000,000 – 0.60%

$2,000,001 to $3,000,000 – 0.55%

$3,000,001 to $4,000,000 – 0.50%

$4,000,001 to $5,000,000 – 0.45%

$5,000,000 and up for a flat annual fee of $22,500

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